Holistic Guide

This website serves as a medium to convey effective, earth-smart holistic aid and support for individuals in times of emotional crisis, physical pain and spiritual re-orientation. If you are reading this it is because you are aware or becoming so that your world is changing- you are on a transformational journey.

In the oscillating ups and downs of life we all experience moments in which we are at a loss. Often our friends, partners and relatives cannot help us. Nowadays it is common to consult a counsellor in order to bridge the abyss, or to select a trustworthy guide who by virtue of their own experience can stand by our side accompanying us in new and seemingly frightening realms of life. The presence of a witness is in itself healing. We are witnessed in our vulnerability and anger as equally as we are in the rediscovery of hidden treasures and alternative pathways.

All presented methods have been of essential help to me. I have used them as powerful and reliable tools in my personal transformative process. They helped me with the mitigation and healing of the wounds of my childhood and led me safely from despair and confusion and to self-assertion, physical well-being, clarity and emotional integrity... and this path of inner transformation continues - only these days I embrace it.

It is my wish that in these pages you will find inspirations for the next steps of your own journey. If you prefer it real, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.